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Baby’s first bake sale


My friend and neighbour runs Five Hundred Dollars, an art gallery on Vyner Street in London. They had an exhibition opening last Thursday for a new show, and he asked if I’d like to sell some cakes. My first bake sale, for fun and profit!

Bake sale display

Bake sale display

With a day job and only a few days’ notice, I stuck to cupcakes in three varieties – vanilla, chocolate and almond. Cheery, American, and fun to decorate, just like me.

For the standard vanilla and chocolate cakes, I took to the web and found some great baking blogs and cookery sites. In the end I used Amy Sedaris’ vanilla cupcake recipe, and a chocolate recipe from a winding path of blog reposting that started at Cupcakes Take the Cake. These were iced and decorated with buttercream frosting in shades of pink, yellow and blue and lots of sprinkles (hundreds-and-thousands, jimmies, etc.)

Fairy cakes

Fairy cakes

But the almond ones were the most fun, because I made it up as I went along and created my very own recipe – Almond Cherry Bombs. Recipe to be posted.
Almond Cherry Bombs at the bake sale

Almond Cherry Bombs at the bake sale

It was a really nice night with lots of lovely people buying cakes – so many great children – and I managed to clear my costs and make a profit. I’ve gotten the taste for bake sales – it may become a habit.

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