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Crafty Christmas


Wanting to re-ignite my love of craft, and with money tight in the lead up to Christmas, I’m searching for clever handmade gifts. I’ll be baking Christmas cookies of course, and will post photos and recipes here, but not everyone wants a box of biscuits…

Firstly, ribbon brooches. I love ribbon and collect it, but just tying it around gifts sometimes feels like a waste of good ribbon, and lots of ribboncraft is just way too twee… But this article on the Guardian from Perry Lewis started me thinking about new uses for the stuff:
ribbon rosettes

I’ve done a few rosettes and sewn them to the neckline of an old t-shirt with good results, and it makes me want to explore a bit further. So now for Christmas I’ve bought pin-backs, vintage buttons and a kilo of ribbon scraps: I’ll post the results of that venture soon. I’m hoping they’ll look fairly professional, and it’s nice to see that something similar is on the high street

More crafty thoughts – I’m also toying with the idea of getting some glass and ceramic glue, and making my own cake stands and jewellery – this looks adorable:
Guardian newspaper – how to make dolls house miniature jewellery

I think the recipients of these offerings are not the types to look down upon homemade gifts, and hopefully I can achieve a high-enough standard that it won’t cross their minds… I could look to Martha Stewart for inspiration – her team of art and design school grads always make everything look so polished… and she has ribbon suggestions too.

The crafting will commence this weekend – photos to follow….

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