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Little lady legs…


I have a vision for a sweet little cupcake, frosted with concentric circles of frilly buttercream, like a lady’s petticoats, and two little marzipan legs protruding from the top.  As if a tiny drunken showgirl has fallen over and gotten her head stuck in your cake.  The sort of cake you’d have with Tina Tsang’s tempting tea service (oh, the alliteration)….

Blaue Blume milk jug

But, have I seen this cake somewhere before?

To find out, and to get ideas for sculpting little legs, I’ve been scouring the internet with mixed results.  I’ve not seen the cake of my dreams, but the highlights of my search have been great fun:





Link (oh, if I’d only kept those Barbie shoes I was so fascinated by as a child…)




I’m pleased that the idea isn’t already done, or at least not already old hat.  I think the marzipan legs can be made, and practice will make near-perfect – those years of ceramic training will not be a waste!

In the end, I might need to look into adult chocolate moulds (shudder) as there seems to be a market in men who want to chew on lady legs, or I might have to make my own silicone moulds – intriguing!

x A

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