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Cookie Spoons


Edible spoons with a dollop of something delicious.  Lick the spoon and then devour the spoon as well!  The perfect canape with no clean up.

Skimming through all the wonderful baking blogs out there,  I found yet another gem in Sprinkle Bakes.  The many clever cakes and cookies were already looking pretty good, and then I saw these:

Sprinkle Bakes - tuile cookie spoons

But as these are tuile biscuits, that means they are spread with a spoon into a very expensive stencil that doesn’t seem to be available in the UK.  Surely I can make something similar, with a different batter?

I tried this out on Friday with my favourite cut-out cookie recipe, and at first I thought I’d cracked it.  Cute delicious spoons, perfect.  But I forgot two important things – this recipe makes pretty fragile cookies and they soften up the next day, meaning they make pretty floppy spoons.

So the hunt is on.

After I told my mother about my dream of the perfect cookie spoon, she said, “They sound like a Martha thing.”  Which is shorthand for they sound wonderful, but too fussy to bother making.  Martha Stewart is awesome, but she’s a robot with an army of design and art school graduates churning out dream crafts.  And funnily enough, after a little internet searching, the next recipe I find for cookie spoons is from Martha herself:

Ice cream sundaes with cookie spoons

This is a much flatter cookie, but maybe more doable.  For now.  Until I give in and stump up the cash for the spoon stencil.

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